About Us

Our competing sales teams unite and conference on behalf of customers to identify solutions for any challenge. You will find that the backgrounds of our sales reps are quite impressive varying from franchised distribution to independent distribution to quality control and customer service. You get a full service team to fulfill your requirements of any size. Contact us for assistance.

A message from the Sales Manager:

I'm deeply honored to manage sales groups of such broadly thinking and innovative persons who work as one unit towards fulfilling our responsibilities.

I make it my goal, and accept the responsibility of keeping our customers' production lines running seamlessly. If you need a change order, I understand that my team must be prepared to react quickly and accurately 100% of the time. More importantly still, if an error is made then it will be reconciled quickly to minimize recourse, and a prevention plan will be drafted immediately.

I will continue to expand my resources and refine existing resources to gain a better edge on competition and to earn my position as the number one choice for customers.

Warehouse / Quality department

The materials handling departments have gained a reputation for clear communication, documentation, full disclosure, and hitting deadlines.

Warehouse departments are built on the shoulders of an efficient staff, with diverse backgrounds including electrical engineering and hobbyists. Our warehouse continually rates all vendors based off of the 3 categories of timeliness, paperwork, and product quality and holds our qualified vendors to high standards. All incoming product is either tested internally or by third party and verified to manufacture specifications. All teams are selected and trained on the importance of precision and appearance, and utilizes their procedures and photographic microscopes to identify and log product details. Static sensitive product is handled at antistatic stations. Contact us for assistance

A letter from the warehouse manager

Since I have been in charge, we have adopted zero tolerance and full disclosure policies. I have selected my crew based off of their knowledge and skills in part identification, problem solving techniques and a desire to succeed as a team. Our QC department is well established to ensure that your orders are 100% accurate and to your specifications. We also have very specific processes on how orders are packed and all parts must be verified to factory specifications via manufacture datasheets. In the event that anything is less than your requirement, even by 1 point, our full disclosure policy takes effect and you are notified promptly of the update of your order. This allows us to keep clear communication with you and be on the same page one hundred percent of the time.

Through our product, we are establishing a relationship with you, and we at Voyager are proud to become a part of your team. We will succeed together.

Accounting / streamlining department

Our accounting department helps new customers open an account, and provides support for existing customers seeking to extend their terms. We work to minimize institution fees by offering multiple payment methods including some of the most popular, such as ACH, prepaid check or wire, various credit cards, and open accounts. Customers who have less than average credit will be guided through our methods to build their credit worthiness, and when credit is to a reputable level, you may use us as your reference. Contact us for assistance

A letter from the senior of accounting:

I am responsible for insuring that transactions to and from our company are timely and accurate. I will continue to extend more favorable terms to customers who earn larger credit limits. I will maintain open communication with both our customers and our vendors to simplify all transactions