Excess Inventory Management

"What is my surplus worth?"

  • Cash out
  • Commission
  • Precious metals reclamation
Whether you are after quick capital, long term investment, tax incentives, insurance discounts, or warehousing space, we will work with you to present a constant solution for your surplus electronic components. And you never pay the freight.

Remarketing new, factory packaged product

We are a marketing firm who will recertify and remarket your factory packaged surplus product. We work with up to 48 component marketing firms in over 108 countries via 10 languages to ensure the highest exposure of your surplus electronic components. Voyager Components Inc’s great reputation is supported by over 30 million active, passive and electromechanical components, and over 9,000 customers ranging from Domestic Exporters, International Importers, Brokers, OEMs and CMs.

Liquidating non-manufacturer packaged or untraceable product

If your product is not in manufacturer packaging or traceability has not been documented, then we will identify the highest return potential and liquidate your surplus to international surplus purchasers and/or smelters who specialize in the recycling of excess electronic components.

Certified product destruction

This is the most common solution for brands/factories who wish to optimize returns while keeping the product off of the market.