Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

Manufacturing leader in embedded processing solutions including microprocessors and microcontrollers to sensors, analog integrated circuits and connectivity

Est: 1949 as part of Motorola, 2004 independent, aquired by NXP in 2015

Headquarters: Austin, TX

Founded by: Motorola

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      Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. started off as a division of Motorola in 1948 and was one of the first semiconductor companies in the world. While part of Motorola, it introduced the first 2-way mobile radio with a fully transistorized power supply and receiver in cars, and was a recognized force for the MEMS sensor in airbags and power switches for anti-lock brakes. After Motorola spun it off in 2004, Freescale went on to provide technology for the world's first tubing-free wireless insulin pump, eReader processors, NASCAR engines, and even Guitar Hero games. In 2015, Freescale Semiconductor was purchased by NXP Semiconductors for $11.8 billion.
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