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Oregon Highlights and History

Origin of The Silicon Forest

The term Silicon Forest was coined by the CEO of Lattice in reference to the Portland metropolitan areas. Exactly a century after the California Gold Rush, both California and Oregon each staked their own claim on regions that would later become known as the USA's capitals of semiconductor technology. California laid claim to the San Jose area and Oregon laid claim to the Portland metropolitan area....and the race began. By 1971 the California area would answer to the name Silicon Valley and 10 years later the Oregon claim would earn the title of “The Silicon Forest”.

Oregon has been ranked one of the greenest cities in the word

Ranked by Popular Science Magazine the number 1 Greenest City in the US. Travel+Leisure ranked Portland as the number 1 city for environmental friendliness. Readers Digest ranked Portland as the number 1 cleanest city in the US. The state of Oregon is preparing to become the leader in wind and solar energy. Oregon’s strong background in electronics, easy accessibility to qualified work forces in Silicon Forest, and accessibility to the California market has made it a hot spot for designers and manufacturers leading the future of wind and solar energy.

Oregon ranks as a world leader in beer and coffee ingenuity

Most mainstream beer companies take advantage of the steady supply of an endless variety of Oregon hops, barley grains and fresh water. This has given birth to the state known for its beer ingenuity and is home to more microbreweries than any other place. And in 2011 was announced as the city with the most microbreweries in the world with 159 microbreweries excluding the nanobreweries.

The unknown history of Portland

Portland was founded on a booming industry in the 1800's and established an entertainment reputation of what can be related to as the current day Las Vegas. The unique industry of Portland is that although it made good money on entertainment, the entertainment was only there to attract their largest industry.... People. Portland in fact was the west coast Shanghai capital.